Characteristics of Ultrasonic Wave Dolphins for Autism Therapy

Herlinawati Surya, Umi Murdika, Renyep Proborini


AbstractAutism has been neurobiology developmental disorder experienced by a person since birth or toddler that makes him unable to form social interaction and communication (language and speech), having emotional behavior problems, sensory and motoric disturbances and abnormal or delayed development. This condition leads people with autism to being insulated with other persons and entering the repetitive world, obsessive activities and interests. Autism therapy using dolphins to produce ultrasonic waves of certain frequencies can help aligning the work function of motor and sensory nerves of people with autism. Detection and analysis of the characteristics of ultrasonic waves generated by dolphins on several conditions required to remove the background noises created by water and breathing sound from a dolphin (hiss and noise reduction).

Keyword – Autism, Neurobiology, Interaction, Sensory, Ultrasonic

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