Analisis Karakteristik Gangguan Hubung Singkat Antar Belitan Transformator Menggunakan Transformasi Wavelet Diskrit

Herman Halomoan Sinaga, Henry Binsar H. Sitorus, - Risky


Transient fault could occur on transformer in power system. This is could be because of internal fault or external fault. Disturbance could be because of short circuit between winding of transformer or because of short circuit on load. Short circuit on transformer winding could lead to catastrophic failure of transformer. So it’s needed to detect short circuit between winding on transformer before it breakdown. On this paper discussed experiment using a step transformer 220/500 volt with 5 tap on primer side and 10 tap on secondary side. Each tap on primary and secondary side is connected to simulated short circuit evidence in transformer winding. The transformer connected to resistif load that have 10 tap to simulated short circuit on load side. Measurements conduct on both side and analysis done using wavelet transformation analysis. Experiment result shows measurement result on secondary side gave wavelet decomposition that easier to discriminate fault result from normal condition. Fault condition could be known from spike that’s occurs on wavelet decomposition.

Keywords : wavelet transformation, short circuit fault, wavelet decomposition

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