Analisis Pengaruh Surja Hubung Terhadap Tegangan Lebih Transien Dengan Menggunakan Electromagnetic Transients Program

Yusreni Warmi


The rejection load causes the phenomena of transients over voltage, and this could cause damaged to the electrical power system. In order to know how much the voltage arose by the load rejection in SUTT 150kV, an appropriate way to predict possible voltage is needed. The research studies the problem of transients over voltage that occur as a result of rejection load in SUTT 150kV Payakumbuh – Koto Panjang. Simulation is carried out using EMTP (Electromagnetic Transient Progam) software. The result of simulation shows, transient over voltage at the time of the rejection load still exist with in a safe condition. Transients over voltage in every measurement point become larger which shows the function of distance towards load.

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