Analisis Riak Tegangan Keluaran Konverter AC-DC Berbasis Topologi Penyearah Banyak-Pulsa Susunan Paralel

Budhi Anto


Multipulse rectifiers are recently used in ac-dc converter to minimize line current distortion due to harmonics. Other advantage of this type of ac-dc converter is low voltage ripple at rectifier output, hence output filter might not be used anymore. The information about output voltage ripple factor of any topology of parallel type multipulse rectifiers shall be provided to choose suitable topology for supplying dc apparatus or system. This paper presents output voltage ripple analysis of parallel type multipulse rectifiers without capacitor filter. The output voltage of the rectifiers are software-generated using MATLAB. Then discrete signal processing techniques are used to calculate ripple factor of the generated signals. The result is presented in table form. The ac-dc converter is assumed at ideal conditions supplying resistive load wherein source inductance and diodes voltage drop are neglegted. The result shows as number of pulses increase, the ripple factor tends to reduce and the converter output voltage is nearly flat.


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