Analisis Performansi Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Yang Disebabkan Oleh Wideband Effect Loss Pada Jaringan UMTS

Yetti Yuniati, M.T.


Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) is the forthcoming global mobile network for packet data. This network uses the Wideband Code Division MultIPle Access (WCDMA) air interface. Contrary to other Radio Networks like GPRS, most of UMTS applications will be end-to-end applications and as a result the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) will be used. In a wireless environment that used radio channel, mobile users can make the performance of system decrease. The influence of multIPath (Rayleigh fading) was calculated by MatLab software. The result from MatLab trace used in NS-2 environment to looking for the performance of UMTS system that used HSDSCH channel. The result of simulation have done, the performance of UMTS system HSDSCH channel that influence with radius user from node B, the number of user in cell, the moving of users, shadowing, multIPath, and Rayleigh fading. The best performance result was received if the radius of users is near from node B (±300m), moreless if radius users from node B is far, so the performance will be decrease.

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