Analisis Peluahan Sebagian (Partial Discharge) Pada Transformator Step-Up Tegangan Rendah Dengan Proses Pengisolasian Yang Bervariasi

Henry B. H. Sitorus, Diah Permata, Tri Jatmiko


The existence of cavities (voids) in a solid insulating material will cause partial discharge when the insulation burdened by voltage. Cavity in the material usually results from defects at the time of production. The process of insulation at the time of production becomes very important to consider that partial discharge is happening can be reduced. In this study, the transformer is processed by three different processes: model 1, without impregnation and oven process; model 2, without impregnation but with oven process and model 3; with impregnation and oven process. Impregnation process carried out by dipping transformer coils for a few hours into the liquid varnish. Oven process conducted at a temperature of 1000C for 24 hours by using a Furnace tool. This study shows that the impregnation and oven process was affect existing cavity in insulation. This was shown by differences in the pattern of partial discharge that occurs namely; magnitud (pC) and number of partial discharge (n). These results show that model 3 is better than model 1 and model 2 of the transformer.

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