Analisis Peluahan Sebagian Pada Belitan Transformator Tegangan Menengah 5 kV Dengan Proses Pengisolasian Yang Bervariasi

Henry B. H. Sitorus, Diah Permata, Edward Steven


On medium voltage transformer, winding insulation is a important problem. One of caused can drop of age winding is occurred partial discharge on insulation. Analysis of the partial discharge on winding insulation medium voltage 5 kV transformer. Medium voltage 5 kV transformer winding, which variated insulation process become on 3 are without impregnation process with varnish and oven (model 1), impregnation process with varnish (model 2), impregnation process with 1varnish and oven (model 3). The final objective of the research is compared partial discharge pattern (pC,n,θ) between three models. Partial discharge wave from this research will be separated of noise and partial discharge wave with denoising process. Processing of research with wavelet from Matlab program. For getting partial discharge wave using software Adobe Photoshop CS2. From the result already done, partial discharge level (pC,n,θ) on model 3 is lower than model 1 and model 2.

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