Gain Characteristics Of Avalanche Photodiodes Based On Carrier Pair Injected Positions

  • Helmy Fitriawan Department of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Lampung Jl. S. Brojonegoro 1, Bandar Lampung, 35145


Mean gain characteristics based on carrier pair injected position in avalanche photodiodes (APDs) is investigated by mean of the Random Path Length (RPL) Model that incorporates the carrier history. The model creates a randomly carrier path length to impact ionize following the dead space distance. Dead space distance is a minimum distance required for a carrier to travel to get adequate energy to impact ionizes. Under consideration is an ideal structure that is assumed has a dimensionless multiplication length and a uniform electric field. The simulation will be carried out for double carrier multiplication APDs with various dead spaces distances. An electron-hole pair in various positions is injected into avalanche photodiodes. The mean gain is recorded based on these injected positions of the carriers.